Saturday, March 30, 2013


NEW POST!!! (Finally!)

Happy new year! Happy Easter! Happy new month! Lol

I know its been a loooong while, I'm going to cut down on my absences from this blog, the breaks are getting way too much. Oh well, I'm going to get straight to the point on this one. Can't wait to put this out there.

Deuteronomy 6:5 (GOD’S WORD Translation (GWT))
Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength.

This verse used to feel like a command. Like a "you must love me, else you're doomed" kind of order. But it really isn't so. See, the one you love is the one you try to please, the one who try to please deliberately is the one you become like.

The reality is that the enemy keeps doing all he can to draw us away from loving God, such that even without trying to "un-love" God it starts to feel that way pretty quickly when we are not making a deliberate disciplined effort to stay connected with Him. For many, after a few days of not worshiping, just reading a verse or making a journal entry feels like a chore. It starts to feel like there is no delight in doing that anymore.

Really, the "delight" in God or in His Word is not really gone. It is still there because God's Spirit is still in you and around you. But when your heart is slowly turning cold, it can feel like God has left you. But that's impossible and a lie the enemy uses against Christians. God cannot leave you, He is always aware about you and deeply interested in you. Even when you're unfaithful, he cannot deny Himself, he is still faithful (2 Timothy 2:13). He knows you need to get out of sin quickly so you don't destroy yourself and He's going to keep trying till He gets to you. Really, just surrendering and leaving it all to Him in humility can bring that love back in one's heart.

We exist because of God. Like your baby is a part of you, formed out of your form, so are we formed out of God's form. His Organs, His Cells, His Skeleton, His Thoughts, His Mannerisms, His Laughter, His Smile; Our DNA is His DNA. If I don't love the one I am like, I end up the opposite of my true version, the devil. I may not understand it, but God refers to liars as the children of their father, the devil. That may seem harsh, but He is pointing out one fact. How you act shows your father, your model, your love and the one you become like.

In essence, that verse is not a command from an egomaniac It is a strong admonition from a Daddy who dearly loves me and knows it is easy for me to get carried away that who/what I love affects my eternity. And life happens that way because I am made in his image, Love (God is Love, 1 John 4:8), so love ends up determining a lot in this life.

The conclusion of the matter is this: who I love determines who I become, who I become determines what I reap, whether Life or death. So make a very conscious decision to Love the LORD especially since there is a being out there trying to make your heart cold towards Him.

Now I feel like I need to put up a post on loving God (sigh...)

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