Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spiritual Warfare: The Pornography Battle

I got this from nevahurd's website (, and I just couldn't help sharing it. The demonic influence of pornography is real and at its fundamental level, it is designed by the devil through the depravity of man's mind and man's carnal nature to wreak havoc to man's essence. It is nothing more than the vile attempt of our enemy to rob of us of our "essence". Now, I'm tempted to talk a bit more about God's heart for man and relationships, but I'll just stop there. Hope this blesses you.

Psalm 119:9
How can a young person keep his life pure? He can do it by holding on to your word.

1 Corinthians 6:18
Stay away (FLEE) from sexual sins. Other sins that people commit don’t affect their bodies the same way sexual sins do. People who sin sexually sin against their own bodies.


Spiritual Warfare: The Pornography Battle

The pornography industry raked in a modestly estimated figure of $ 13 billion dollars last year, a number that is expected to climb substantially in the year to come. Clearly, many people are watching, producing, participating in, and distributing pornography, but who are these people? Surprisingly, many of the shareholders within the porn industry are also shareholders of many reputable corporations and the consuming public of pornography is comprised of our dear friends, beloved family members, and loyal co-workers.

We are now living in an age in which God’s principles about sexual purity have been deemed old fashioned, while the easy accessibility of pornography has helped it to become a rite of passage for many pre-teen boys and girls, with consumption beginning as early as 9 years old. Some would argue that the viewing of pornography is OK, and has a less harmful effect on children than violence portrayed in movies and all other forms of mainstream media. The reported numbers of pornography and sex addictions in North America alone however, quickly provides evidence, which refutes the idea that pornography is not dangerous.

Not only is pornography a violation of natural sexuality, it is a violation of God’s intention for the use of sexual activity to be designated and enjoyed between a wife and husband within the sacred institution of marriage.
In 1 Thessalonians 4:3, we are told, “It is God’s will that we should…avoid sexual immorality”. The consequences of failing to heed God’s advice regarding this subject are outlined in Romans 1:26. The enemy, Satan seeks to provide a vile counterfeit for all of God’s holy instructions, and the issue of sex is no exception. The moral decay of our society is obvious when “marriage counsellors” suggest the viewing of pornography between couples as a creative way to “spice up their sex lives”. In addition, seventy-two percent of individuals in an academic study admitted to using pornography to masturbate and to arouse a partner. Along with this, many women and men admitted to feeling less attractive and sexually inadequate to their spouses after viewing pornography (Kinsey Institute, 2009).

The devil also seeks to deceive the human mind by introducing a plethora of mostly male viewers to consume and distribute images and videos of children as young as 2 years old being sexually abused and exploited for financial gain. The devil’s insidious deception also perpetuates the violent oppression of women within the pornography industry with key phrases such as “Dominant men beat up dirty sluts” being some of the most requested on the internet.

The evidence of the dark effects of the sex industry on a morally bankrupt society should be enough to convince us that we should not be consuming pornography. The demons of sexual sins however, are very difficult to overcome. The apostle Paul instructs us to flee sexual immorality (1Corinthians 6:18)
(1Corinthians 6:18), but what should we do when we have already been captured and have become powerless to this sin? Christ offers a very important means of conquering Satan in this respect. He urges us to pray and fast earnestly as some sins can only be overcome by using this remedy (Matthew 17: 20-21).

If you or someone you know is struggling with pornography and or sex addiction, please visit
(A Christian website devoted to helping people overcome their sex/porn addictions).

Seeking the counsel of a trusted Christian friend, religious leader, or support group may also be helpful in overcoming a problem that is afflicting many Christian men and women alike.

Written By :Shanichia Henry


  1. God bless you for this.The part that touched me most is where we looking up to our leaders;pastors,marriage counsellors etc..doing according to their teachings thereby sinning in the process.May God help us all especially this end-time.

    I used to be a slave to this bodily sin(mastaubation),can't even remember how I started as long as 3,4,5 years of age and I'm now 26 but all I know is like after this act I always feel guilty and bad and remorseful;meaning it's not what I can pride myself of in public ...but like I always pray about it every now and then and I am most grateful to God today I AM FREE don't know how but I believe God loves me so much.
    I am now free and I'm free indeed,I feel better of myself,no guilt but God help me more.

    In my growing years,these pornographic materials help built this habit in me,so,I am looking forward to time when this issue will be squarely faced,condemned and with God on our sides we will be able to shed more lights on this evil that is living amongst us,Amen!

    God bless you!

  2. Thanks for sharing BD. We overcome by the blood and by our testimonies. God bless you sir!!!

  3. hmmmmmmm, am so loving this blog of its hitting on the nail nature, thank you. sexual sins is destructive , and like you said it's difficult to overcome but we are more than conquerors through Christ that strengthen us. i used to be victim of sexual addictions, it's demonic and lonely ,God is able to save us if we only reach out to Him

  4. Again Rahab Memoirs,

    Your words hit all the right spots. It is demonic and lonely and eeeevvverrrryyyyyooone in this age has to fight it or be overcome by it. EVERYONE!

    Thank God that our redemption is free! Praise Jesus!!! Our perfect redeeming sacrifice!

  5. Thanks be to God because we are redeemed by the knowledge of truth, because JESUS says we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free, I have been actively participating in this sin of masturbation since 14 till date when I am 26, I know that God has sanctified me with the truth of His word as John17:17 indicates